Annual Inspection / verification - Offshore

SMC offers Project Engineers for installed SMC System & IMU verification onboard vessel/rig (*).

Verification is performed with newly calibrated reference sensors for following parameters (where applicable, system dependent) Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Motion data (Motion Sensor).
If the system is equipped with Visibility, Ceilometer, Wave Radar, Water Current/Temperature the verification is conducted as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
The SMC Engineer will also observe the installation location of each instrument, cabling and overall general condition.

Onsite a SAT report is completed by the engineer and then signed by engineer & the vessel representative.

Following the site visit all the system findings and data are collated and recorded in a Close out Report and sent to client.

* Verification is not a calibration. For a calibration the IMU needs to be returned to SMC or other environmental instrument need to be returned to the manufacturer.

Commissioning/ Installation support - Offshore or Remote

SMC offers Project Engineers for commissioning and/ or installation support of SMC System & IMU. The commissioning is to verify and confirm that the SMC system is in accordance with the system specifications and displays the data from the connected instruments and is working correct.

The Instruments is verified to output its data in a format that enable the SMC system to receive the required information and to display the correct visual and numerical data and also confirm the general functions including alarm, logging and reports of the SMC system.

The SMC Factory Acceptance test is not to confirm the accuracy of each instrument. Each instrument supplied with the system has been tested and calibrated by the respective manufacturer; and all relevant documentation is supplied with each instrument.