Using a standard product design throughout the range and with a product height of only 7cm the SMC IMU-00x range is extremely compact compared to equivalent products available today.

IMU-00x dimensions IMU-00x dimensions

Design principle

SMC’s product development and design philosophy is to produce technologically advanced, durable yet uncomplicated products. Our aim is to reduce the cost of purchase and maintenance by reducing options and add-ons often associated with ancillary products. By doing this SMC does not require that a client invests in extra equipment they already have installed on a vessel.


The casing material used in all of our IMU-series is Titanium. The most useful properties of Titanium are its high strength, low density and corrosion resistance in the Marine environments the sensor works in.
The design arrangement of the whole case is for additional strength and durability.

Mounting plate

The IMU-00x has the mounting plate as a part of the casing, no additional mounting brackets are required for a standard installation.

SMC in the design of the IMU-00x have reduced the accessory add-ons by incorporating the mounting plate in the base design reducing the standard purchase costs.

Mounting plate

Subsea Depth Rated Units IP68

The IMU-008 and IMU-007 are also available as submersible motion sensor depth rated for 30meter. SMC has selected the IP68 classified Seacon Wet Mate Connector.

The IP68 standards classify the level of protection provided against the intrusion of dust and water.

IMU-00x Subsea connector

Standard Vessel Mount Units IP66

For the standard surface unit SMC selected the durable and easily sourced Amphenol Lite IP66 rated Mil spec connector. By selecting a readily available standard connection, clients have the security of long term supply and the ability to source cables and connectors from SMC or other suppliers.

IMU-00x Standard connector