Helideck Monitoring System CAP 437

The SMC Helideck Monitoring System, HMS, is a PC based helicopter take-off and landing system for Offshore Rigs and Vessels providing essential information for safety decisions during helicopter operations. The Helideck Monitoring System provides information concerning the offshore helideck movements, weather data and vessel position to the bridge as well as to Heliports and land based operators.

Helideck Monitoring System CAP437

HMS Display compliant with CAP437

The HMS user interface is designed to be easy to read. The data displayed is combined into one graphical interface and is designed in accordance with the latest CAP437 guidelines to show all the motion and weather conditions at the helideck.

Remote access via LAN

The graphical interface of the helideck system is accessible over the local network and Internet. This enables multiple remote client connections across network, to access the SMC HMS software and enables multiple display locations. The number of simultaneous connecting users is unlimited.

HMS Sensor Requirements

The Helideck Monitoring System interfaces Motion Sensor, weather instruments, GPS and Gyro Compass to provide real time monitoring of helideck motions and weather conditions.

As a standard requirement for offshore Helidecks the following readings are required:

Motion sensor Data
Wind speed and direction
Temperature and Humidity
Cloud amount and height
Present weather

The SMC Helideck Monitoring System can use data from new or existing installed weather instruments. Most standard strings available on the market are pre-configured in the system.

Met-Ocean System Customization

Many Helideck Monitoring Systems are customized for specific client requirements. A standard HMS system can be expanded to a complete Met-Ocean system with many additional options and configurations while maintaining the HMS CAP437 requirements.

Common readings to be connected to the system in addition to the HMS are:

Wave data
Water current
Sea Temperature
Lightning detector
Helideck camera

HMS System Log Recording

All HMS data is recorded into log files that are stored and available to playback and analysis locally or from a remote station. The data storage is 12 month and is extendable by user settings in the system. Data can be exported into csv files for analysis in different third party software. An automated backup feature is available for the log data.

Helideck Flight Report

To assist in planning and to meet standard CAP437 requirements the SMC Helideck Monitoring System generates a Helideck Report including logistics information that can be created on the vessel or from a shore based operator with the remote client.

Helimet, Modbus, ASCII outputs

The Helideck Monitoring System has a set of communication options with external systems. To link in with existing offshore weather and planning services the SMC HMS can be configured to export a standard Helimet transmission showing the vessels ID.

The SMC HMS system can also be configured to send data to other on-board systems with data from the Motion Sensors and weather instruments over for example SNMP, Modbus and ASCII.

Comissioning, Service Support and Inspection

SMC can provide Commissioning support with our own Engineering team or through online remote support services.

Our online remote support can help to resolve issues without the cost and time delay of vessel service visits.

SMC engineers can carry out or assist in Annual inspections to generate Data Verification Reports of the system to comply with international regulations.


Compliance to Normam 27 and CAP 437 helideck standards

The SMC HMS complies with several standards as UK CAA CAP 437, Norwegian CAA BSL D 5-1, Brazilian Normam 27 and the HCA standard.

Helideck Certificate Agency

HCA Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems Rev 8c

Civil Aviation Authority CAA

CAP 437 Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas