SMCems - Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring System, is a PC based environmental, meteorological & motion system for Offshore Rigs & Vessels and marine installations.

SMCems interfaces Motion Sensor, weather instruments, environmental instruments GPS and Gyro Compass to provide real time monitoring of vessel conditions as well as the option for helideck motions and weather conditions. The SMCems can easily integrate existing instruments from almost any manufacturer to the system.

SMCems is developed to provide a total view of information concerning the environmental, weather and motion data during a variety of operational requirements and vessel position to the bridge as well as to Heliports and land based operators and monitoring stations.

EMS Display

The EMS user interface is designed to be easily read and can have multiple views depending on the operational monitoring requirements. This means conditions during drilling operations can be monitored by one team while the Helideck Operator can provide information in accordance with the CAP437 guidelines to show all the motion and weather conditions at the helideck.

Remote access via web interface

As part of the installation process of the SMC system software a web server is installed, this enables multiple remote client connections across the local network or Internet, to access the SMCems software. The number of simultaneous client users is unlimited and the usage is free of charge.

The client software has the same graphical interface as the main software with the data being presented in real-time.

EMS Sensor Requirements & Optional Sensors

Sensor Options (Contact SMC with additional request)

Motion Sensor
Visibility & Present Weather
Wave radar
Helideck Camera
Water Temperature
Rain Sensor
    Ceilometer Cloud Height Sensor
Temperature & Humidity
Sea Temperature
Water Currents ADCP
Solar Radiation
Echo Sounder


SMC are specialists at customized monitoring systems for specific client requirements. A standard EMS system can be expanded to include a HMS for CAP437 requirements plus many additional operations options and configurations.

Standard system layout

A standard system layout would have a typical layout as below.

System Log Recording & Playback

All EMS data is recorded in 24hr log files that are stored and available to playback and analysis locally or from a remote station. Data can be exported to different analysis systems and can be stored for 365 days or to a max of 999 dependant on storage availability.

Standard Report

To assist in analysis the SMCems system produces a Report for a specific time or date that can be stored or exported with the selected relevant data. This can be created on the vessel or from a shore based operator with the remote client. Data from any attached instruments can be added to this report.

Helideck Flight Report

To assist in planning and to meet standard CAP437 requirements the SMCems system produces a Helideck Report including logistics information that can be created on the vessel or from a shore based operator with the remote client.

Helimet, External Systems

To link in with existing offshore weather & planning services the SMCems hms option can be configured to export a standard Helimet transmission showing the vessels ID.

The SMCems system can also be configured to send data to other on-board systems with data from the Motion Sensors & weather instruments.

Comissioning, Service Support & Inspection

SMC can provide Commissioning support with our own Engineering team or through online remote support services.

Our online remote support can help to resolve issues without the cost and time delay of vessel service visits.

SMC engineers can carry out or assist in Annual inspections of the system to comply with international regulations.